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The Referee system began as an assignment to discover possible areas within the home that could ease our habits of co-habitation. As an initial process, we began by brainstorming and generating ideas of possible areas within the home where co-habitaters usually face issues. To broaden our initial hypothesis, we developed a research plan where we interviewed individuals between the ages of eighteen to twenty nine (ages most likely to have or have had roommates in the the near past). From these interviews we discovered that conflict usually occurred between roommates, housemates, and partners over everyday chores such as cleaning a designated area on time, washing the dishes, or taking out the garbage.

The Referee System is a playful environment that roommates can depend on to ensure tasks within the home would be performed.

We also found that often some individuals within the shared home end up taking on more responsibilities than their counterparts and this leads to tensions and conflicts. It also proves challenging to remind the other person to perform a basic chore, which not only creates arguments but also puts each person involved in a really awkward situation. So our team wanted to confront these issues in a system that would take away the drama and the need for roommates to remind each other. This system would be the Referee within the two parties, and it would take the necessary action to enforce the rules of the house.

By adding gamification theories to this system, we are seeking to make this system a playful environment that roommates can depend on to ensure tasks within the home would be performed. The Referee System consists of a base station and "junior referee (a lighting device that communicates wirelessly with the Referee System)" this device serves as a location based reminder that let's the roommates know the space needs to be taken care of by flashing on and off. Once the roommate completes the task, by simple pressing the surface of the device, a signal is sent to the Referee System indicating the task has been completed. In the future, we believe the Referee System will manage roommate relationships and other non-traditional living situations with more efficiency and most importantly less drama.

  • Collaborators
  • Diana Kim, contributions: strategy, storyboarding, and wireframing
  • Cesar Rivera, contributions: GUI design, illustrations, wireframing, and strategy
  • Published on August 2012
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