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We are living in the digital era, there is nothing about it you have not seen. Everything from photo libraries, music, but what about those of us who are reluctant about making the jump to the most controversial library facing transition right now as the book library is? Have you imagined your future where printed books are no longer part of you domestic library, no more bookshelves? no more books?

These are the questions we were facing while prototyping the domestic library of the future. Not all of us are willing to accept that books will make its transition into the digital realm and some years from now not be available in our households in the physical format. The argument we kept facing is that no matter what technology is arounds us, the book in its physical form that is would still be around in years to come. Whether as a collector's item or a precious object its physicality seems necessary for us to have a satisfactory experience with it.

The Cuboid, a prototype we developed and researched is a perfect hybrid that would bring the best of both of those worlds together. Our ideation relied on the concept of providing users with the ability to interact with the digital and physical format of what books have become. Our prototype focuses on the concept of bringing all your libraries into a single place in your household. A set of cubes to say the least, that will provide digital as well as physical space for your libraries to coexist.

The Cuboid, is a perfect hybrid that brings the best of both physical and digital libraries together

Our prototype consists on a tower of five cubes, hold together in some upper and lower faces of the cubes by lazy susan's that help you turn it around. The center cubes are wrapped in tracing paper which works as a canvas to display the interface that is projected in the back from a computer. On the upper cube there is an iPad that displays the interactive section of our interface, giving users the ability to drag and drop books and items in their libraries into the lower section. The purpose of this is to simulate how an user would customize their library and add books to their visual library (center cubes) to share with family and friends.

At the moment our prototype is capturing basic interactions on how we envision this object to behave. In its full capacity, we are thinking on the Cuboid to be built out of digital touchscreen in the side and back faces of the cubes, except for one of its faces, where there would be a shallow space where users will be able to place their favorite library objects as they would do with an actual bookshelf. The touchscreen will allow users to enrich their interactions with the system, being able to drag and drop items (books for instance) from one cube to the other, therefore allowing for maximum customization of their digital bookshelf library. Technology was a constraint for producing our prototype since touchscreen in that large of a size and shape are not widely available. Also we were falling short on our programming capabilities to develop a language that would make the interactions we were envisioning. On the other hand, we did successfully communicated our idea and were able to observe users interacting with the prototype, which helped us by getting empowering feedback.

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